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My weakness lies in the fact that when I have a task to do it is difficult for me to begin. Sometimes it takes me days to get started. This usually happens when I am forced to do something that I don’t like to do. This is one of this case. The guys from the editorial team (they have to thank me for this, guys; the youngest of them celebrated 51 years in November) asked me to write an article, urgently. In the last year only one page has been published, and it's mine, the one about how my 2019 Forex year went. Since then, nothing. I'm not the only one who writes and 3 years ago I let the team know that my contribution will be reduced to a maximum of one text per year. I complained that other members of crew were not fulfilling their obligations, but they gave me very plausible explanations about the deadlock that had occurred in the past period. We all know that the year was deeply marked by the coronavirus pandemic and almost everyone had specific problems that prevented them from realizing what we planned to do.

Let's go back to the task assigned to me; it happened in early December. It took me nearly two weeks to sit down at the table and put my fingers on the keyboard. Today, the day after New Year, I started to write and I hope to finish within the day; I hate to leave things unresolved for the next day. My writing process is as follows: I write something, then I take a break, then I read what I wrote, fix it if necessary and continue the work. I am a technical person and writing is certainly not my strong point. To express what we have in mind, with the right words, we must have a certain talent. I think I've progressed a lot over the years from that point of view, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. I’m ready to start. Fortunately, almost half has already been written: the goal is about thousand words.

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I can add only one adjective to the past 2020: a long year. When a period is long, it means that little has happened in it and that the events have been monotonous and repeated. When a lot of things happen and with a more diverse character, one feels like time has flown by. This is my feeling, even though some people claim that the opposite version is correct. The period we are going through is characterized by a pandemic, a coronavirus that appeared in China at the end of 2019 and then spread all over the world, starting in February last year. The first wave was in the spring, but after that it dropped significantly during the summer. Since the autumn, the so-called second wave has begun, and it is much worse than the first. I come to such a generalized conclusion by looking at the graphs of the various parameters that characterize this epidemic. For this reason most people think that the past year was horrible, the worst thing that has ever happened in their life. The media feeds such a negative view of past events because they create more fear in people, which is automatically transformed into a greater following of news on television, social networks and similar media. More visibility means more publicity and you get to the goal, more money. In every situation we only care about same thing: money.

Snow in my city, a few days before the New Year

My opinion, fortunately I am not alone, is not so negative. I can't help but look at myself and what directly affects my family and my work. Fortunately, neither me, nor any of my loved ones have had any issues with Covid, which is probably the most significant thing in my assessment of the situation. I have been working from home since March and the salary arrives regularly. I probably would have seen everything differently if something bad happened.

It is the day after the start of this text and I have to finish it before lunch. Unfortunately I was unable to finish it yesterday. Before continuing, I have read what I have written. I deal with everything except the topic itself, my experience with Forex in the past period. It is as if I am avoiding the subject. Maybe the reason is that only that part of my business has gone bad. If I had to choose a negative area, I'd choose the same, because it's the least important thing in my life. It's all about money, and it's also little money involved. I have never speculated with large sums because I know that any investment area is dangerous. You can always lose more than you can earn.

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The positive trend of the previous year continued in the first two months. I opened and closed 5 positions, all relating to the pair US dollar - Swiss franc. The profit was at a satisfactory level. Then came the month of March. The first signs of the epidemic began and I started working from home in the middle of the month. The atmosphere suddenly changed, and so did my mood. Everything suddenly became uncertain. I immediately concluded that I must be very careful about investments because a pandemic will have a strong impact on the economy and finance of the world. The fact that I was aware of the problem didn't help. During the month I opened 4 positions: the dollar against the Russian ruble and the dollar against the Turkish lira, all with cautious leverage of 5 times, except one with 10 times leverage. This one with high leverage closed itself, with the option "stop loss", already in the next month with a loss of 50%. With two others, it happened in May and the last position remained open, but it didn't bode well.

I also made a mistake that cost me a lot in the past and for which I promised myself not to repeat it again: I defended my position by increasing the "stop loss" limit. The last position closed with a loss in October. In all this period I have not opened new positions. The reason was partly that the year was already going so badly, and on the other hand there was a pandemic factor that, with all my positivity and optimism, was somehow putting me in a certain psychological situation that told me not to get involved in new financial adventures. Since this last loss, until today, I have followed the so-called Forex diet: I have neither traded, nor followed what is happening in the financial world.