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Today, on Internet are present numerous sites that use various Forex platforms, as usually are called applications, i.e. the software that allow us to sell and to buy currencies in the real time. The purpose of this page is to supply to potential users useful information about some of them, that we use frequently and that we acquaint well. We hope that this can help especially those that approach for the first time Forex trading, and experienced users, too.

Our selection of Forex platforms are based on seriousness, reputation and tradition of the companies that manage particular platform, security of the platforms, simplicity and powerful at the same time of the interface, and availability of training mode, so client can become familiar with platform, before he starts to operate with the real money. Surely, very important elements for trading are applied spread, especially for the majors, the most traded, bonuses and prizes, security, simplicity and celerity of the procedures of funds and withdrawals from your account, and of course assistance and support offered to the clients.

It's essential to know well certain Forex platform before starting to trade with the real money. This knowledge protect us from unpleasant surprises that we can have using non reliable platforms, or those not sufficiently tested. One can have good information searching on Internet with search engines, looking for opinions and judgements of experienced users that often put them in various forums and personal blogs.


eToro is a new Forex platform, founded in 2008, that uses latest information technology in computer science, and ergonomics knowledge to give to a final user an innovative, visual interface, visually very pleasant and modern, but more important, very intuitive and extremely easy to use. Procedures to open or to close one position can be done with only one click of the mouse. Once the position is opened so quick, all the parameters, such "stop loss" or "take profit" can be adjusted to suit your necessities. The whole process, from the opening to the closing of the position, is very clear and transparent.

Like any good platform, eToro also offers real-time charts of the trends of the currencies and the latest news in the world, but also the possibility to chat with other customers and to exchange ideas in one dedicated forum. They organise for customers championships trading and customers who have had more success, that have made the biggest profits, are rewarded with prizes in cash, credited to the account to the real account. So a job, sometimes very stressful, becomes also a pleasant online entertainment and a place where you can meet other people with similar interests as yours.