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eToro is in this moment probably the most modern and original Forex platform on Internet. Thanks to the deepened studies of the needs and the habits of traders, and ergonomics, considering that people are different among them, eToro provides that each operation could be done in several ways, different from each other therefore everyone surely find way to work more closely to him. Everything is very intuitive and you will be able to start very easily, without even reading the instructions, which however should be consulted.

Another feature, which the users will like a lot, is that in certain periods eToro applies a spread of just 2 pips on the major currencies and a benefit like this isn't so easy to find on the other platforms. Moreover, a real account can be opened with a really small amount, only 50 dollars. In this way, this platform tries to open the Forex market to people with the modest financial resources.

But eToro doesn't want to be another impersonal computer tool, so it offers its users a great forum where you can exchange opinions, ideas and experiences with the other members, and a chat in real time with other traders. In real time you can see trends followed by the other users, namely those who buy and sell (in percentages) the main currency pairs. And even more, there are tournaments between traders with prizes: the winner is the trader that produces the hugest profit in certain period, and the first prize is 10,000 U.S. dollars. So eToro is not only a Forex platform, but an authentic Forex community, too.

As the other good platform, eToro offers a demo account with 2000 dollars, obviously a virtual money, where you can achieve experience, learning about the world of the Forex and the use of the platform itself. Even using a demo account you are participating in the tournament with the other traders and the top 10 traders are rewarded with the prizes ranging from 100 to 300 dollars. Various options are offered for funding your account and withdrawing from it, starting from the usual and inevitable credit card, through a bank transfer, PayPal or convenient, or Western Union to transfer money.

Go directly to the site of eToro where you can open a demo account and immediately after you can trade currencies, or come to see some practical examples of use of the platform, with lot of screenshots and other details.

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